The Top 20 Food Distributors in The USA

Want to get your CPG product out into the world? Partnering with a food distributor is a sure-fire way to achieve those ambitions.  

A CPG food distributor will act as the middleman, between you – and the restaurants or retailers who will use or stock your product. They play a very different role to a food wholesaler, who buys products in bulk from a manufacturer to sell for their own profit.

Food distributors already have relationships with retailers and restaurateurs. They can handle all of the logistics, admin and sales involved in getting your product out to a bigger market.

If you’re ready to partner with a food distributor in the U.S.  check out our list of the top 20 companies around.

Top 20 Distributors in the U.S.

The Top 20 U.S. Food Distributors

1. Buffalo Market

Buffalo Market is the fastest growing food distributor in the USA. They specialize in distributing foods and beverages that promote wellbeing – both for people and the planet.

Regions: California and Nevada.

Distributes to: Major and independent retailers, as well as natural markets.

Types of products: Frozen, refrigerated and dry food and beverage products, including organic and plant-based items.

2. Canton Food Co.

Canton Food Co. was established back in 1969, which means they have a ton of experience distributing a wide range of food and beverage products to restaurants in the Greater LA area. Restaurant teams can visit Canton Food Co. to pick their own produce or have it delivered to them.

Regions: The Greater Los Angeles area

Distributes to: Restaurants

Types of products: Fresh produce, meat and poultry, seafood, dairy, beer and soft drinks, frozen food, ethnic food and janitorial supplies.

3. Ben E. Keith Co.

Ben E. Keith Co. has been distributing premium food and beverage products since 1906. It’s a complete broad line distributor with its HQ in Dallas and operations throughout the Gulf Coast, the Mid-South, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

Regions: Food distribution across 15 states and beverage distribution across Texas.

Distributes to: Restaurants, hospitals, schools, nursing homes and other institutions.

Types of products: Fresh produce, frozen and refrigerated foods, dry groceries, meat and non-food supplies.

4. NEMCO Food Products

NEMCO Food Products deliver both food and non-food items to a wide range of catering venues. This family run firm has been in operation for over 60 years but they’re still proud to offer a personalized service to each and every customer.

Regions: Southern California

Distributes to: Manufacturers, restaurants, hotels, airlines, caterers, camps and institutions.

Types of Products: Fresh, frozen and dry storage foods.

5. Performance Foodservice

Performance Foodservice has gone by a number of different names since it was founded by food seller James Capers in 1885. This big food distributor delivers over 200,000 products to more than 125,000 customers across the country.

Regions: Nationwide

Distributes to: Retailers, delicatessens, restaurants, hotels, schools and healthcare.

Types of Products: Fresh, frozen and dry food and beverage products including meat, seafood, plant-based produce, cheese and dairy, bakery and desserts. They also specialize in supplying Italian cuisine.

6. Westlake Produce

Westlake Produce has been operating in California since the 1960s, distributing fresh produce to retailers, both big and small.

Regions: Southern California.

Distributes to: Retailers.

Types of products: High quality fruit and vegetables including some organic options.  

7. McLane

McLane is one the largest food distributors in the USA, with over 80 distribution centers located around the country. These guys have over 30 years’ experience, plus the logistics and technology knowhow to support both suppliers and customers.

Regions: Nationwide

Distributes to: Retailers, drug stores and chain restaurants.

Types of Products: A full range of frozen, refrigerated and dry food products. McLane’s subsidiary, Empire Distributors, Inc., also distributes alcoholic beverages.

8. LA Distributing Company

LA Distributing Company supplies thousands of Southern California businesses with healthy snacks and beverages. With a focus on plant-based and wellness products, this team selects partners carefully to preserve the uniqueness of their offering.

Regions: Southern California: Los Angeles and Orange County.

Distributes to: Small-scale retailers, liquor stores and grocery stores.

Types of products: Both refrigerated and dry food and beverage products, including kombucha, juices, wellness shots, yogurt, coffee and snack bars.

9. Perdue Foodservice

Perdue Foodservice works with over 35,000 independent farmers. They then sell poultry and pork products directly to consumers and to food service outlets too. Customers can choose from antibiotic free, 100% vegetarian fed, organic, free range, halal certified and gluten free options.

Regions: Nationwide.

Distributes to: Food service establishments.

Types of products: Chicken, turkey and pork products.

10.  Umina Brothers

Umina Brothers boast some impressive stats. They have maintained a 99% on-time delivery rate for the past 30 years. And they’re one of the largest processors of organic bananas in the country. Their refrigerated fleet travel all over the country delivering high quality fruit and vegetables.  

Regions: National and International.

Distributes to: Retailers.

Types of products: Fresh produce.

20 Top Distributors in the USA

11.  Shamrock Foods

Shamrock Foods is another long-standing, family-run firm. Established in 1922, it is now one of the largest foodservice distributors in the US, acting as a dedicated partner and advisor to its many suppliers.

Regions: The Western U.S.

Distributes to: Restaurants, healthcare, schools, hotels, retailers and more.

Types of products: Frozen, refrigerated and dry food and beverage products including high quality meats, dairy, artisanal foods and ethnic cuisine.  

12.  Guardian

Guardian’s fleet of refrigerated trucks transport innovative craft beer products to boutique retailers in the LA area. Working closely with brewers, Guardian takes pride and care in delivering the very best alcoholic beverages in the very best condition.  

Region: Los Angeles, California

Distributes to: Small, boutique or indie retailers.

Types of products: Craft beer

13.  Produce Services of LA

PSLA is a Southern California based food distributor offering a fleet of 20 trucks and delivering 6 days a week. They supply the hospitality industry, with more than 350 top restaurants amongst their customers.

Regions: Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.

Types of products: Locally sourced and organic produce, dairy, dry goods, and frozen fruits and vegetables.

Distributes to: Restaurants, cafes, juice bars, hospitals and schools.

14.  Joyride

Joyride was the brainchild of three brothers. Their idea started life as a coffee truck and has now evolved into innovative beverage distribution. Sustainability is at the company’s core and, in 2018, Joyride became the first beverage distributor to eliminate the use of single serve bottles.  

Regions: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Boston.

Distributes to: Offices, restaurants and cafes.

Types of products: Hot and cold brew coffee and tea.

15.   Golden State Foods

Golden State Foods operates over five continents and in more than 40 countries. With its headquarters in California, it has a long list of distribution centers throughout the USA.  

Regions: Nationwide and global.

Distributes to: Retailers and restaurants.

Types of products: Meat, dairy, fresh produce, sauces and condiments, and beverages.

  1. La Tortillería

La Tortillería works with over 550 suppliers, primarily in Mexico, Central America and the United States. It’s mission? To distribute quality Hispanic food created by small businesses.

Regions: Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Alabama.

Distributes to: Retailers and restaurants.

Types of products: Meat, seafood, fresh produce, dairy and dry goods with Hispanic cuisine at their heart.

17.  Harvest Food Distributors

Harvest Food Distributors run 10 distribution centers across the U.S. They service over 6,000 customers in retail and food service.

Regions: California, Oregon, Utah, Texas, Kansas, Colorado and Arizona.

Distributes to: Independent grocers, chain supermarkets and a range of food service outlets.  

Types of products: Meat, seafood, fresh produce, dairy, bakery products, halal products and dry goods too.

18.   Maui Fresh International

Maui Fresh is both a wholesaler and distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables. Founded more than 60 years ago, the company now sources quality products from across the globe.  

Region: Los Angeles, California

Distributes to: Local and national retailers, schools, hotels, restaurants and cruise lines.

Types of products: Fruit and vegetables.

19.   US Foods

US Foods is one of the big players in American food distribution. They offer over 350,000 products to their customers in restaurants, retail and institutions.

Regions: Nationwide.

Distributes to: Restaurants, retailers, healthcare institutions and educational institutions.

Types of products: Pretty much anything you can imagine. Meats, seafood, dry products, fresh produce and more.  

20.  KeHE

KeHE distributes organic food products to more than 20,000 retail and online stores via a network of 16 distribution centers across the U.S. This is a company that works hard to promote sustainability and to support the suppliers it partners with.

Regions: Nationwide.

Distributes to: Supermarkets, natural retailers, health stores, food service locations and online retailers.

Types of products: Organic, specialty and natural foods and beverages.

Buffalo Market is the fastest growing food distributor on this list. We’re proud to work with food and beverage brands championing healthy, sustainable products.

Want us to distribute your CPG product? Tell us about your brand and we’ll get back to you soon.

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