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What is the Most Commonly Consumed Fruit in the US?
Even as recently as the last 20 years, consumer demand for quality control has shaped the economic and environmental landscape of the US – but a love of fruit has remained a trusted stalwart of the food industry. Americans do love their fruit, but what is the most popular piece out there?
Why I Love Bananas
There are plenty of reasons to love bananas. They’re easy to carry around for a snack, they taste good, and they’re loaded with natural sugars and vitamins. Bananas not only keep you energised, but they can also lift your mood thanks to their incredible serotonin-producing properties.
How To Make Banana Bread
Moist and moreish, banana bread is super simple to bake, and makes use of a number of pantry staples. 
Clever Uses For Bananas (Besides Eating Them)
We love bananas! And for good reason. But eating them is just one of the things you can do, for bananas can be used around the house for a number of different tasks. 
Equal Exchange Bananas
We're super proud to be working with Equal Exchange bananas - certified organic, Fair Trade, and 100% delicious!