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What is Cactus Water and is it healthy?
Cactus water is a type of sports drink that some people have turned to as an alternative to coconut water. It has the benefits of cacti fruit extract, iron content and low sugar content so it may be beneficial for those who are diabetic or want cut calories from their diet.
Benefits of Eating Strawberries
Sweet, tangy, and delicious, strawberries are the bright red fruits that contain a big burst of flavor in one bite-sized package. They are also loaded with health benefits, making them your go-to snack when in need of something sweet.
Why I Love Bananas
There are plenty of reasons to love bananas. They’re easy to carry around for a snack, they taste good, and they’re loaded with natural sugars and vitamins. Bananas not only keep you energised, but they can also lift your mood thanks to their incredible serotonin-producing properties.