Restaurant Supply and Ghost Kitchen

Opening a Restaurant with No Money
Opening a restaurant is far from cheap - in fact, it’s amazingly expensive. You can expect to shell out $450 for every square foot of your new restaurant, and depending on the size of your floorspace, that figure can easily shoot up to $395,000. But opening one with no money isn't as impossible as it seems...
Why Ghost Kitchens Have Been Booming in the Pandemic
Valued at $375bn in 2020, the ghost kitchen business model – in which commercial cooking space is leased to businesses by restaurants, or the parent group of which that restaurant is an entity – is set to become a $1tn industry by 2030. But why have they been booming specifically during this pandemic?
Everything You Need to Know About Ghost Kitchens
No, they aren't what you'd find in a haunted restaurant: ghost kitchens are the rented cooking spaces keeping business alive in a pandemic that has devastated the hospitality sector. Here's everything you need to know.
Why “Ghost Kitchens” Are Undercutting the Food Delivery Business
The commission charged by third-party delivery services take a huge chunk out of your revenue, but these costs can be sidestepped with the rented kitchen spaces known as "ghost kitchens". Now, the power can go back to you, the business owner.