PreOrder Witches Brew Kit for Halloween, Black Cauldron to Haunt the Night

$34.00 $76.00

Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

The ultimate way to serve witch's brew, eye-of-newt punch and other spooky libations, our cauldron is conjured by Shakespeare spooky cauldron . For an irresistibly eerie effect at parties, fill it with punch and add dry ice to create dramatic billows of fog.

Receive a kit to make a fog fantastic evening, including enough dry ice to last the evening.

Included: Dry Ice for 6 hrs, black cauldron, dry ice gloves.

Make a magical myst decoration centerpiece with everything included or serve a cocktail punch in the cauldron.

Pre-Order for Delivery Day of Halloween, in the morning, well ahead of festivities.