Ground Chicken 90% Lean

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Chicken meat is lean, high in protein and low in fat. It is an element of many dishes due to its ease of preparation, delicate taste and availability

Ground chicken usually has less fat than ground beef. It is a good source of protein and easy to prepare. A serving of ground chicken is lower in cholesterol than regular ground beef.

The fat is located mainly under the skin, not inside the meat, and can be easily separated

Chicken meat is universal and easy to prepare. Poultry is excellent in almost every form: baked, stewed, boiled, fried; cold and hot; sweet and spicy. It is hard to imagine any other product that would give our culinary skills such a great field to show off.

It is easy to make ground chicken in the comfort of your own home.

There are numerous ways to prepare ground chicken. The easiest way is to substitute ground chicken for ground beef in your favorite recipes.You can prepare Chicken Avocado Burgers or Chicken Lasagna. Any of these recipes will make a fine addition to any menu and are tasty and nutritious.

Fried chicken meatballs with salad on a plate

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