Pork Boneless Loin

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Roasted pork loin is an ideal dinner choice, as it is easy to make and often requires just a few simple ingredients. This roast pork loin recipe calls for rubbing a boneless pork loin with a simple blend of garlic and herbs before roasting it to perfection.

For this boneless pork loin roast, Land & Farms selects the highest quality pork to to give you a pork loin worthy of being served for your family on a Sunday meal, a romantic dinner, or celebration.  

Pork Loin is extremely versatile.  You can cook it on the grill, roast it in the oven, or place it in the smoker - for optimum results, don't forget to season your boneless pork loin roast with your any of our seasoning blends for the best experience possible.

We often like  garlic, rosemary, and thyme also complement the full pork flavor of this pork loin. 

Our butcher uses a hightech, modern flash-frozen technique that is vacuum-sealed for freshness and convenience, it's guaranteed to be perfect every single time.

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