Organic Chicken Thighs

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What's different about Air Chilled Chicken?

The majority of processors in the U.S. rely on water-chilling, which submerges the chicken in a large vat of chlorinated ice water.  While air-chilling takes longer, the biggest difference is that water-chilled birds absorb excess water, while air-chilled chickens may actually lose a small amount of their water content.  This chicken is tasty, healthy, and concentrated fresh meat flavor. If you're used to traditional chicken wait until you true our fresh cuts.

Air-chilled chickens are cooled individually, while water-chilled chickens are dunked in a communal pool. With air chilling there is much less chance for bacteria to spread among chickens. In fact, a University of Nebraska study found that air-chilled chicken contains 80% less bacteria than water-chilled chicken.

In 1999, ROSIE® The Original Organic Chicken was the first chicken to carry the USDA Organic seal. All their Organic Fresh Chickens are raised on a 100% USDA Certified Organic Vegetarian Diet and are Non-GMO Project Verified. ROSIE®Chickens are raised free range and with no antibiotics, in and around Sonoma County, California.

 Frozen on the day it was processed.

Size: 1 lbs

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I recommend this product

Great product, delivered very fresh

I was surprised at how plump the thighs were. On opening it was very fresh with no “older chicken” scent and no liquid accumulated in the package. Clearly it hadn’t been sitting around at Rydeon. I appreciated the quality, the pricing was good, and Rosie is a great brand.

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I recommend this product

Tasty thighs!

And huge! I don't think I've ever had thighs that big. But the important thing is that they were very good. Totally recommended.

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