Prima Frutta Morello Cherry Jam

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This is one of the world's tastiest preserves. Italian Morello cherries that truly taste like they were fresh picked. 

These extra jams with 50% fruit in elegant 340g jars are made exclusively from high-quality IQF fruit for consumers who demand something extra. With lots of fruit pieces, flavor and goodness.

Morello Cherry jam tastes great and is a perfect addition to a variety of ice cream desserts and pancakes loved by children. However, this is just the beginning of the possibilities, because this fruit can be combined in many other ways, while creating tasty and healthy dishes.

Undoubtedly, products for which morello cherry jam will be a great complement are the whole range of poultry, especially duck. Morello Cherry Jam is a great addition to a platter of various cheeses, especially blue cheese. However, an interesting idea for a healthy and tasty dessert is to sweeten natural yogurt by adding this jam.

Menz & Gasser is one of those hidden gems of a producer. Although over 80 years old, it's only recently gaining a following in the U.S., where savvy foodies have caught on to the awesome flavor, purity, and crazy price of these amazing jams and preserves.

Get one to try and you'll come back for the case.

Pancakes with Prima Frutta Morello Cherry Jam

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