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Happy Eggs Co.

We love free range and pastured eggs because they improve the quality, nutritiou, and taste of eggs.  Happy Eggs makes the best eggs, and you can taste and feel the difference.

Once you’ve tasted happiness, there’s no going back. These fresh, creamy eggs with their plump orange yolks make a flavorful addition to any dish.

  • Plump orange yolks
  • Fresh from family farms
  • Rich & delicious

The Happy Egg Free Range provide you with farmers market quality at your kitchen table, helping you to choose happy every day. These hens live on the best American farms with the highest of standards. We believe that happy hens lay really tasty eggs.

Rich in vitamin D, Naturally high in protein, Free range natural goodness, 2 large happy eggs contain 95% of your daily vitamin D.

These eggs come to us exceptionally fresh so expect a longer shelf life of 3-4 weeks! 
Happy Eggs Co.
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