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Inked Organics Breads

Inked Organics makes the best tasting bread you can buy.

We know this is a bold statement, but Inked Organics is bold group of people focused on a singular mission – to make the best bread possible. They believe that bread was better when it was made the old-fashioned way. Starting with the highest quality organic ingredients, Inked Organics keep the process simple by taking our time and baking in small batches. That's Inked Organics Breads.

Not all wheat is created equal.

Various regions and soils develop specific flavors in grain, just like single origin coffee from your neighborhood roaster or a craft brew using locally grown hops. Different varieties of grains have their own unique flavor nuances too, and Inked Organics believes the best taste comes from these heirloom grains making our wheat as good as it gets.

They source only from people we know and who practice preserving the identity of these precious grains, farming in the traditions of agriculture past. No nasty GMO’s, lab concocted chemical herbicides or synthetic fertilizers; just rich soil, sunlight on open fields, and rain from the sky.

Inked Organics prides themselves on knowing these people by name, their families and the fields where they grow for us. They chose to work with them because they believe in what they do.

The agricultural traditions handed down from generation to generation are the most trusted and pure.

They are keeping those time-honored traditions alive in the 21st century having dedicated themselves to organic farming. These people are the real deal, the salt of the earth and true stewards of the land. At Inked Organics Bread they are proud to exclusively share these select identity-preserved heirloom grains with you in every one of their breads.


Inked Organics Breads
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