Carnivores Only Gift Box

11.0 lb
$149.00 $231.00

One of the biggest joys in the kitchen is biting into some real quality meat.  We work with Land and Farm who provides top restaurants with impeccable beef to give them an edge over competitors.  You can enjoy that personal touch with our butcher's.

Receive this box of ethically sourced and exceptional tasting beef. All meats are packed vacuumed packed in sous vide ready packs that provide extra protection, longer life, and keep that flavor in your meat--much better than the styrofoam and cello packs from the supermarket--worthy of such premium meat.

Because our butcher plans ahead we're able to select the best meats and provide major savings

2 x1lb s of Ground Beef 85/15

2 x 12 oz Ribeyes 

2 x 8 oz Filet Mignons

2 x 12 oz NY Strip Steaks

2 x  16 oz T-Bones Streaks