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Buffalo Market Organic Produce

Buffalo Market delivers the best organic produce straight to your door! We work with local farms right here in California to bring you fresh fruit and vegetables, and we deliver all over the Bay Area. Whether you’re looking for avocados, blueberries, squashes, or root vegetables, we’ve got it here. Mushrooms or fresh herbs? No problem, we’ve got them! No matter what sort of organic produce you need, you’ll find it here at Buffalo Market!

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True Farm to Table Delivery

Buffalo Market means farm to table! We work with the best farms in California, located in places like the Sacramento Delta and Salinas, to make organic produce accessible to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re located in Oakland or San Jose, we’ll deliver the same top-quality organic produce enjoyed by chefs in San Francisco. Our grocery delivery system is easy to use, entirely online, and more affordable than a traditional supermarket. Buffalo Market is the easy way to do organic!

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Interesting Facts

The definition of “organic” varies from one country to another. In the United States, organic produce cannot contain any synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or GMOs.

Instead of controlling weeds with chemical herbicides, organic farmers remove weeds by hand or use other traditional techniques such as crop rotation, tilling, mulching, and natural weed control products.

Pests on an organic farm are controlled with natural methods such as traps and birds, or with products containing no synthetic pesticides.

Because it lacks preservatives, organic produce is usually fresher than produce that is artificially preserved and transported over long distances.

All our produce at Buffalo Market is locally grown. That means the money you spend with us stays right here in the California economy. Buying locally grown produce helps everyone who lives here!

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