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ORGANIC Avocado Haas - 1 ct Large

0.5 lb
$1.19 $2.49

Hass is the preferred varietal for avocado lovers everywhere; they're amazing in guacamole, on your toast, or any other way you like!

Do you know about the Hass Avocado's origin? Humble horticulture fan and postal worker Rudolph Hass bought some seeds from A.R. Rideout in 1926 and grafted the seedlings together with Fuerte Avocado branches to make the Hass avocados we love today.

Up until Hass, fuerte were the favorite variety because at that time they were considered to have a strong flavor--until Hass came along and put that reputation to rest.

Enjoy these Organic Avocados.


Origin: Mexico

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Good Avocado

These are always really fresh and tasty.

Kristin E.
United States United States
United States United States


Creamy texture

Yvonne A.
United States United States

Organic avocado

Best value for avocado! even better than Costco

United States United States

Poorly pakaged

Three out the seven I purchased were bad, either bruised from the start or went bad in just a few days. Reason being, the packaging. I was concerned about how they would be packaged. They were all in a paper bags with no protection. There was loose space in the box & so they go jostled around hence bruised. So much for an on sale deal.

Liliane B.
United States United States