Squash Yellow Extra Fancy

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Fresh and Organic, fair trade Extra Fancy Yellow Squash.   

Yellow squash - The name of the vegetable comes from the Italian word zucca, meaning pumpkin. It also indicates the origin of this unique vegetable. Like cucumbers or melons, squash belongs to the gourd family.

A part of it is usually used in the kitchen. When adding yellow squash to dishes, we should hollow out the center, leaving only the yellow skin.

Yellow squashi is a perfect ingredient of an easily digestible diet. Grilled, steamed, baked in the oven and also eaten raw - the spectrum of possibilities is endless. In addition to the low caloric value, it is also easily digestible and provides our body with many vitamins and minerals. First of all, it is a source of vitamins A, B and C.

We store it in a cool and moisture-free place. In such conditions, it can be stored for up to several weeks. It is important not to keep the yellow vegetable in the refrigerator as it may lose its flavor. We should also not arrange it with other vegetables.

Squash is a pumpkin vegetable with a delicate, basically neutral flavor, which makes an excellent addition to many vegetable dishes and more. It can even be eaten raw, e.g. as an ingredient in many salads or sandwiches.

Recipes with yellow squash also include a deep-fried version, which goes well with many types of meats and casseroles. Stewed zucchini is an integral part of the French ratatouille dish. Dishes with yellow squash also include squash jams, skewers or french fries.

It is also perfect when stuffed with minced meat and baked in the oven. Other popular yellow squash dishes are lasagne, tart, chops or dry pancakes. It also works well as a base for a classic cream soup.

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