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While most people associate celery with its prized stalks, its leaves, roots and seeds are also used as a food and seasoning as well as a natural medicinal remedy. And the stalks in the center are the most tender! It's a great source of antioxidants, it reduces inflammation, and supports digestion on top of being a helpful addition to your kitchen.

Celery is a very popular plant. It is often used in Asia and Africa! Celery is a very aromatic vegetable - both its root and leaves are characterized by a very intense pleasant smell. Celery is a vegetable loved by chefs and housewives not only because of its interesting taste, but mainly because of the valuable nutrients and vitamins it contains.

 What else could you ask for?

In addition to its many health benefits, celery is a versatile veggie. You can eat it raw or cooked, and it makes a great addition to smoothies, stir-fries, soups, and juices. Celery can also be steamed or baked.  Many people don't realize the leaves are also great with a herby taste.



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