Chard Green

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Organic, fresh Green Chard. 

Greens Swiss chard has broad wavy and crinkled green leaves with snow white stalks and veins flowing throughout the foliage. The leaves are succulent and tender, their flavor far less robust than other pigmented varieties, which is why Green Swiss chard has been nicknamed "Butter chard". The white stalks are equally as edible with a mild salty favor, lacking the bitterness common with colored varieties.

The taste resembles spinach and kohlrabi, it contains many minerals valuable for health.

Apart from its health benefits, Chard Green also has many uses in the kitchen. Green leaves and stems are successfully added to soups, as well as salads and stews. You can also prepare nutritious cocktails. They can be sautéed, blanched, stewed, braised, baked, and even grilled. You can crush the leaves and add them to pizza or pasta. 

Chard Green is a valuable source of protein, iron, calcium, vitamins K, A and C, folic acid and B vitamins, especially B1 and B2. 

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