Frequently Asked Questions

I placed an order. When is it going to be delivered?

All orders are being prepared overnight and delivered the next morning. We complete 90%+ deliveries between 9AM and 12PM. In rare cases you will receive your order before 9AM or after 12PM. Our drivers cover daily hundreds of miles- occasionally accidents, closed bridges, or road works cause delays.

I received my order but one of the items was missing. What now?

We store full supply of dry goods and non-perishables in our warehouse. But for fresh produce we are receiving deliveries daily. This is to provide the freshest, most healthy options. Occasionally we are unable to receive some of the items that we ordered or we have to reject the delivery. I.e. peaches that we ordered are not meeting our strict quality standards. If that happens, and we are unable to deliver certain items from your order, we will reach out to you and offer a refund.

Most of the days our team will be reaching out to you between 1PM and 5PM.

How can you be 30% cheaper than major grocery chains and offer free delivery?

We are very cost efficient. We don't have to pay retail rent for a huge prime location. And we streamlined our process. We do the deliveries only once a day. Our team works overnight. Savings on rent and on working only 8-10 hours a day translate into lower prices that we pass on to our customers.

How do you source your products?

We work with local farmers and producers as well as distributors who live up to our principles and food values.

How To Redeem Buffalo Reward Coins

Buffalo Coins are perks for being a loyal customer.  To learn about how to sign up and redeem your coins follow the instructions page.

Why do you have a delivery window?

Allowing a delivery window allows us to deliver your groceries while having the lowest carbon footprint.  Our technology uses an algorithm to calculate how to deliver your groceries while making the least impact on the environment.


 Can I order Groceries online with Calfresh?

Yes it is possible to order groceries online with food stamps and Calfresh in California for delivery