How To Redeem Buffalo Reward Coins

Buffalo Rewards are our thank you for being a loyal customer.

The biggest reward is that you earn coins to redeem for future purchases as well as some other surprise perks along the way!  

How much is a Buffalo Coin Worth?

100 Buffalo Coins = $1

Ways to earn

200 Buffalo Coins
Place an order
5 Buffalo Coins for every $1 spent
Write a product review
100 Buffalo Coins
Write a site review (FB, Google)
100 Buffalo Coins
Upload a photo
100 Buffalo Coins
Follow on Twitter
50 Buffalo Coins
Upload a video
200 Buffalo Coins
Follow on Instagram
250 Buffalo Coins
Like on Facebook
250 Buffalo Coins
Celebrate a birthday
1000 Buffalo Coins

How To Redeem Buffalo Reward Coins

From any screen you can often see a floating gift. 
It is a box shaped like a present with a gift ribbon and bow and reads "Rewards" Pictured Above.  Next look for the Rewards gift on any screen as seen below.
organic grocery delivery los angels
You Can see the rewards in the far right corner.  Click there and this screen will appear.
Once you've created your account or logged in. (Below)
grocery rewards sign up
You will now see your balance and options to redeem. Click "Ways to Redeem"
organic grocery delivery sacramento
Click Order Discount View to load your redemption slider
redeem grocery store points
Click Order Discount to load your slider
grocery store rewards slider
Move the slider to the desired amount of coins.
grocery store perks
Click Redeem and you will receive a code to use at check out.
If you click apply code. It will allow you to apply the code to check out immediately.
Apply Code
You can now use or share your code.
check out buffalo coins

How to find rewards you didn't use?

Alternatively, if you don't finish checking out, you can always access your code from the "Rewards gift icon", saved under your rewards.
how to find rewards you didn't use
Click your rewards and you can see the code we created using the above process permanently saved until it is redeemed.