Organic Grocery Delivery in Bakersfield, California

street photograph of large white building in Bakersfield, California

Buffalo Market, based in one of the country’s great food capitals – San Francisco – is the organic grocery supplier that puts top-tier ingredients and a love for farm-fresh produce at the heart of everything it does. As well as giving residents of Bakersfield the very best natural, organic produce the state of California has to offer, Buffalo Market delivers to locations all over our home state of California, as well as extending our next-day delivery of 100% natural organic goods to destinations all over the US. Bringing you high-quality food supply to locations as diverse as Boulder Creek, Tulare County, Burbank, Visalia, Hanford, Los Angeles, and plenty more locations, one of our dispatch hotspots, as mentioned up top, is the city of Bakersfield. Situated in Kern County and covering 150-square-mile radius toward the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley, which stands as the ninth-most populated city in California according to the last official US census. Well known for its agricultural output and energy production, thanks to the oilfields upon which the area is built, Kern County is California’s most productive oil-producing territory, with many of the industries present within Bakersfield including petroleum refineries, mining, food processing, and energy extraction.


Officially established as a city in 1873, the small settlement has continued to grow and flourish over the past one-and-a-half centuries to a major economic hub of the San Joaquin Valley with a population exceeding 350,000 residents, having successfully married the charm of small-town Americana with all the provisions and amenities of the larger metropolitan hubs across California. Yet, as with many smaller communities somewhat off the beaten track, it can be difficult for residents to gain access to the deliciously crisp, natural ingredients enjoyed by other larger cities with the infrastructure to take supply from multiple organic producers – but this is where Buffalo Market comes in. Our mission is for all Californians to be able to enjoy the freshest, most flavorsome organic food supply their home state has to offer, making it easier than ever to experience the benefits of a more diverse, healthy lifestyle. We want to give restauranteurs and chefs at home the absolute highest-quality wholesale groceries and food supply in California – as well as deliver to countless destinations nationwide – with unbeatable prices that don’t mean a compromise on quality.

Bakersfield Restaurant Supply

When it comes to Bakersfield restaurant supply with Buffalo Market, all of our fantastically fresh organic produce is produced and sourced directly from independent, small-scale farmers across California, with every delivery of new stock being made available the moment it comes into season. As such, your order of Buffalo Market organic produce, with every piece of perfectly ripe fruit and wonderfully crisp vegetables, is sure to represent the absolute best that California has to offer. As much as 90% of the organic produce grown in the US comes from America’s garden – California – but not every citizen within this fecund state is able to purchase outstandingly fresh, market-quality ingredients on a regular basis. So we want every chef and restaurant owner to benefit from these beautifully colorful, aromatic organic goods, making Bakersfield restaurant supply the best step forward for any hospitality business seeking new ways to revolutionize its menu.

 overhead shot of Bakersfield, California residential areas

These succulent natural ingredients aren’t just available for chefs at home, but we also bring our top-tier restaurant supply to every kind of professional eatery there is: bistros, burger bars, food trucks, seafood restaurants, cafés and tapas bars, there is so much that Buffalo Market can do to help enliven your product lineup. Sourcing Bakersfield restaurant supply direct from Buffalo Market is the best way for you to capitalize on the surge of interest in organic restaurant menus, allowing you to entice a whole new demographic of adventurous diners with a taster for more flavorsome organic food supply.


The quality that makes Bakersfield restaurant supply with Buffalo Market such an easy transition to make within your business model is that there are so few steps involved. All that’s needed to open a whole new world of color, aroma, taste and texture within your restaurant is a few minutes to search our online inventory of more than 2,600 unique items – such as the finest meat, poultry, seafood, and fresh fruits and vegetables available in California – and then process your order. Once you’ve done that, having been guided at every step of the way by our technical support team, you can rest assured that your order of Bakersfield restaurant supply will be arriving on your doorstep the very next day, giving you the kind of customer service you won’t find at any other grocery supplier in the country.  


Moreover, our next-day delivery doesn’t just extend to Bakersfield but a countless number of other destinations across California and nationwide, particularly in the surrounding cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Venice, and so many other places they couldn’t possibly fit into a single paragraph. What’s special about these locations is that they host the independent, local farming communities upon which we rely to keep us stocked year-round with an outstanding grade of 100% natural, amazingly fresh organic groceries, making every part of your Bakersfield restaurant supply a reality. At Buffalo Market, we are driven to support local economy in California, by utilizing only local suppliers, thereby giving you the very best, freshest fruits and vegetables with every cent of your purchase going back to the farmer.

Bakersfield Restaurant Wholesale

Our reputation as the trusted and well-respected provider of organic groceries and restaurant wholesale is one to have been hard won and rightly deserved, thanks to our undefeated combination of unquestionably high-quality ingredients and wholesale prices that won’t be found anywhere else. What makes Bakersfield restaurant supply so special when provided by Buffalo Market is the enormous range of high-grade vegetables and herbs we have on sale year-round at the most incredible value, all of which courtesy of the important, committed working relationships we nurture with small-scale independent farmers upon whom we rely to keep us in stock. What makes these relationships so valuable to us at Buffalo Market is that we are able to take delivery of the absolute highest-grade organic fruits and vegetables and all at the very fairest prices, thereby making your purchase of Bakersfield restaurant supply a stellar combination of high-quality and cost-effectiveness.


Yet it’s worth saying that perhaps the only thing at Buffalo Market we dislike as much synthetic food laced with artificial colors and preservatives, it’s middlemen. We trade hand-to-hand with our organic supplies, which ensures that every cent of your purchase for wholesale restaurant supply and organic groceries is going straight back into the farmer’s pocket. Because of that, Buffalo Market is able to rely on a steady of impeccable fruits and vegetables from the most trusted small-scale producers the moment they come into season, giving you the opportunity to revitalize your restaurant menu with the most vibrant, most explosively flavorsome farm-fresh produce precisely when it’s at its most crisp, ripe, tender, juicy and colorful. If you’re in the market for a trustworthy, dependable supplier for your Bakersfield restaurant supply, Buffalo Market offers the ultimate amalgamation of affordability and indescribable quality – and better yet, we bulk-buy our goods and pass the savings on to you. We want to revolutionize the food supply chain with premium-grade organic groceries that not only taste better, but help mitigate the effects of climate change by keeping food miles down and local economy on the up.

What is Bakersfield famous for?

landscape shot of Bakersfield, California oil fields

Given the long history of the city, there are many fun facts and local oddities to be found across the past 150 years. There are over 170 miles of walking trails and bike paths in Bakersfield and is home to numerous unusual residents, such as the hometown of the nu metal rock band Korn, the home of the oldest operating community theater in California – the Bakersfield Community Theater – as well serving as home to two of the largest carrot growers in the US. As well as that, Bakersfield is also home to a residential building designed by world-famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, though it is reportedly a private home with no public tours available, said to be only Wright-designed building in California that cannot be seen from the street. The city also has notable political links, having welcomed numerous sitting US presidents during their terms across the past 140 years. Rutherford B. Hayes visited in 1880, Benjamin Harrison followed in 1891, as did William McKinley in 1900 (shortly before his assassination the following year). The 20th century saw a visit from William Howard Taft in 1909 – so far the only president ever to have previously served as US Chief Justic – while the 21st century welcomed George W. Bush to Bakersfield in 2004, followed by Barack Obama in 2012.  

Bakersfield food supply

Buffalo Market is your virtual farmers’ market and every item of our online inventory is sourced exclusively from small-scale local producers across California, giving you food supply services in Bakersfield and across the US of unimpeachably high standards. We serve grocery stores, ghost kitchens, restaurants, and all kinds of other hospitality venues across the country, with our food supply orders coming into Buffalo Market dispatch center in the early hours of the morning. We swiftly assemble your order and deliver directly to your door within hours, operating as a masterclass in simplicity, efficiency, and a guarantee for freshness thanks to the limited time food spends sitting in refrigerated warehouses and storage facilities.


Finding the time to seek out the very best organic groceries and food supply – or even knowing where to look in the first place – can be a real challenge, especially for those of us who don’t live in major cities and have access to some of the infrastructure that allows metropolitan residents to enjoy a wide range of goods and high-quality farmer’s produce. But this is where Buffalo Markets comes, as we want every one of our customers to be able to enjoy a healthier lifestyle with top-tier organic food supply that won’t cost the earth. Our commitment lies in fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables and the resolve to shrink our carbon footprint wherever possible. Using our farm to fork delivery model, which cuts down on food miles and ensures food freshness, we employ only the most skilled and experience delivery drivers to make sure every order of Bakersfield food supply will reach your door on time and above expectation.  


Outside of our usual stock of everyday items that will always enjoy high demand – your crisp lettuce and juicy tomatoes, citrus fruits, oranges, bananas, bell peppers, and plenty more beside – Buffalo Market also stocks an expansive array of harder-to-find items that come in and out of season in quick turnaround. We give you celery, olives, zucchini, a wide range of different squash fruits, and just about everything else you could want or need, meaning that an of Bakersfield food supply with Buffalo Market is sure to satisfy every need. Our constantly updated and ever-expanding inventory of organic groceries and fabulously crisp, sweet fruits and colorful aromatic vegetables is sure to delight every chef, from the budding cook at home to the industry stalwart with twenty years’ experience under their chef whites. If you want to know where you can take delivery of your next Buffalo Market delivery of organic groceries, brought straight to your door nationwide, then be sure to take a look through our California Grocery Delivery and see where you can enjoy farm-fresh organic produce today.