Organic Grocery Delivery in Boulder Creek, California

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Buffalo Market, the organic grocery that puts quality at the heart of everything, is based in California and delivers to Boulder Creek and Los Angeles. As well as countless other cities, counties and states across the country, we serve many customers in Boulder Creek, offering some of the freshest organic grocery delivery around. Our mission is to make it easier than ever for chefs, restaurant owners and budding cooks all across the US to enjoy high-quality organic groceries at the very best prices. One of the locations we provide for in California is Boulder Creek, one of the most beautiful parts of the state. A small town situated between San Jose and Santa Cruz, this is very much a big place in terms of logging history, trees, and American travel-road culture.  

Given its position somewhat off the beaten track, Boulder Creek grocery delivery options are sadly quite few – but this is where Buffalo Market comes in. With our expansive number of delivery routes, with a fleet of talented drivers committed to bringing you fresh organic produce on time, we strive to help you find and order groceries from wherever you are or need them - and one of our California locations for wholesale food supply is Boulder Creek. Sure, we serve Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay, as well as plenty of other places, but some of our favorite customers in fact reside within the historical logging town of Boulder Creek. 

Restaurant supply in Boulder Creek

Giving you top-quality fruit and vegetables grown by independent small-scale farmers across California, Buffalo Market makes it super convenient to enjoy our deliciously fresh groceries. We aren’t just committed to providing households across the country with our premium-grade ingredients: we want to help restaurants thrive by keeping them stocked with quality food that won’t just put a smile on the customer’s face, but consolidate a reputation for excellent dining experience. Buffalo Market makes it easy for you to take delivery of restaurant supply in Boulder Creek, as we offer next-day delivery all across the US.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the very best farm-grown organic produce the state of California has to offer, all you need to do is take a look at our online inventory and select what takes your fancy. We have over 2,600 items for you to choose from, stocking some of the very best meats, seafoods, and organic goods from California and around the world. Once you’ve selected what you want, all you need to do then is process your order. It really is as simple as that, and we are on hand to offer assistance at every step of the way, giving you customer service and restaurant supply in Boulder Creek unlike anything else you would find in a regular grocery store.  

We don’t just focus on Boulder Creek restaurant supply and grocery deliveries, though, as we offer next-day delivery to many other surrounding areas such as Santa Monica, Venice, San Francisco, Napa and Sacramento. These locations also accommodate the farming communities we use to supply our produce, which is just one of the many reasons why customers love us, as we support local economies in California while providing the very freshest groceries on time and beyond expectation.

Restaurant wholesale in Boulder Creek

Another way in which we strive to aid restaurants and hospitality businesses across California and the US is with our regular wholesale deals. Because we have such a high turnover of fresh stock, collected for dispatch the moment they come into season, there is always a bountiful supply of newly ripe and perfectly fresh fruit and vegetables ready to be enjoyed in restaurants and kitchens across the country. To ensure you receive the very best products at the most competitive prices, we frequently offer our customers the opportunity to bulk buy in order to really give you more for less, making restaurant wholesale in Boulder Creek more convenient than ever before.

What allows Buffalo Market to have such a strong stream of fresh produce is the long-standing relationships we nurture with small-scale independent farmers across California. It is the result of our valuable support of these local businesses that we are able to enjoy their best produce the moment it becomes available, and the amazing deals we secure from these relationship are then passed onto you whenever you make a purchase. You really won’t find fresh produce as flavorsome and nutritious as ours for anything close to the prices we ask for, giving you restaurant wholesale in Boulder Creek unlike anything else you can find on the market.

And if there’s one thing at Buffalo Market we like less than artificial colors and preservatives in our food, it’s middlemen. This means you can be safe in the knowledge that every dollar of your purchase goes straight back to the farmer who grew the vine-ripened tomatoes, crisp celery sticks, and juicy strawberries you get to savor every day of the week. Not only will you be enjoying Boulder Creek restaurant wholesale which allows you to serve your diners with farm-fresh organic produce, but you can enjoy the added boost of karma that comes from helping out local businesses.


What is Boulder Creek famous for?

One of the most visible locations along the historic Highway 9, Boulder Creek is located in the San Lorenzo Valley and offers travelers an unforgettable scenic drive through some of California’s beautiful redwood forests. The town’s name derives from the Boulder Creek, positioned within the northern boundaries of the town, which flows into the nearby San Lorenzo River.  

Upon arrival at Buffalo Creek, you can expect to find numerous biking, hiking and equestrian trails, as well as campgrounds, picnic areas, and a combined 80 miles of trails within the nearby state parks. You’ll also find a golf course nestled in a forested paradise that is a destination in itself. Other features include local wineries, antique stores and galleries that adorn the nearby towns. Covering just about four square miles, the population of Boulder Creek is barely exceeds 1,600, yet it has a rich history as a logging community thanks to its proximity to the Redwood Forests of California.

One of the most famous sights of Boulder Creek is its iconic Brookdale Lodge, a symbol of the Americana as empowered by a lust for exploration in the great outdoors and a real hotspot for the biggest stars of the day. During its peak, Brookdale Lodge was the second most popular resort in California. From foreign diplomats to Hollywood royalty – and even the US president – the lodge saw a diverse and eclectic array of stars calling into to port here. Johnny Weissmuller and Shirley Temple had homes nearby, and President Herbert Hoover was a frequent guest who was said to have perfected his fishing off the bridge in the dining room.

During the 1945 summit to establish the United Nations held in San Francisco, many world leaders travelled to Brookdale to relax at the lodge. Aside from its perfect location in the Redwoods, the Lodge also enjoyed the crème de la crème of the entertainment world. The famous reputation enjoyed by the Brookdale Lodge even meant it became the subject of many well-known songs of the Swing era, such as “Beautiful Brookdale Lodge”, “My Brookdale Hideaway”, and “A Place Known as Brookdale”.

Food supply in Boulder Creek

At Buffalo Market, our focus is to offer food supply in Boulder Creek at the most affordable prices, without compromising on quality. We believe everyone in California should benefit from the fact that 90% of all fruits and vegetables grown in the US comes out of California. We don’t think anybody should have to make do with bland-tasting tomatoes when they can enjoy the very best California has to offer and so we want to bring the fruits of the state's farms and orchards to your dining table.


What makes Boulder Creek food supply possible with Buffalo Market is the quality of delivery driver we employ. Only the very best at what they do are put on our payroll, ensuring they know all the ins and outs of Boulder Creek to ensure your organic groceries will arrive fresh on your doorstep thanks to our next-day delivery.


We’re even able to source harder-to-find seasonal products such as asparagus, artichokes, citrus fruits, cherries, and many other tasty delicacies. Of course, we have bountiful supply of ordinary types of produce, such as your everyday apples, oranges, bananas, limes, and celery. If you were curious as to the countless other cities and regions we deliver to, take a look at our California Grocery Delivery list to see where you can collect your package of farm-fresh fruit and vegetables.


We know that life can be a bit hectic, and you may not always have the time to seek out 100% fresh organic produce. We know what it means to be a rush and feeling like you need to sacrifice shopping for something quick and easy, versus something that is actually good for you and the planet. Our mission at Buffalo Market is to cut down on food miles, lower our carbon footprint with farm to fork supply services, and help you enjoy a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Whatever it is, from tacos to root vegetables, mushrooms to mustard, Buffalo Market is the food-focused company that delivers.