Organic Grocery Delivery in Hanford, California

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Buffalo Market is the organic grocery supplier that puts quality ingredients and a love for farm-fresh produce at the heart of everything it does. Based in San Francisco, one of the great food capitals of the US, we deliver our top-tier organic groceries all over California and nationwide. As well as providing next-day delivery to your door in Hanford and all across our home city in San Francisco, Buffalo Market brings high-quality food supply to Visalia, Boulder Creek, Tulare County, Burbank, Los Angeles, and too many other locations to be listed here. As mentioned up top, one of our delivery hotspots is the city of Hanford, the cultural and economic heart of the south-central San Joaquin Valley, with famous residents including Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Leslie Bassett and Dr. Strangelove actor Slim Pickens.


Established in 1891, the small city has proceeded to grow and flourish across the decades and now measures at a population size of more than 56,000 residents, having successfully married the appeal of small-town Americana with all the amenities of the state’s larger metropolitan hubs. Yet, as is the case with many small rural communities, it can be difficult to source 100% natural, deliciously crisp fruits and vegetables – and this is where Buffalo Market comes in. We want all Californians to enjoy the very best organic produce their home state has to offer, giving more opportunity than ever before to enjoy a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Our mission is to provide restauranteurs and chefs at home with the absolute best-quality wholesale groceries and food supply in the state, and all at the very best prices that don’t compromise on quality.  

Hanford Restaurant Supply

All of our beautifully fresh organic food is sourced direct from small-scale farmers all over California, available for purchase the moment it comes into season, with every perfectly ripe fruit and fantastically crisp vegetables representing the very best the state has to offer. As much as 90% of all organic produce grown in the US comes straight from California, and yet not every citizen within the state has access to these exemplary, farm-fresh ingredients. At Buffalo Market, we want every homeowner and restauranteur to benefit from the goods on offer in America’s garden – California – and to give everyone the very best organic groceries possible, making Hanford restaurant supply a real must for any business striving to revolutionize their menus.


Our crisp and delicious natural ingredients aren’t just on offer at the most competitive prices for chefs at home, but we also provide top-tier Hanford restaurant supply to every kind of eatery you could want, from cafés, bistros, food trucks, burger bars, and plenty more besides. If you’re looking for new ways to bring a higher quality of food to your customers, while also capitalizing on the growing surge of interest in organic restaurant menus, then sourcing Hanford restaurant supply from Buffalo Market should definitely be your next step forward. Enticing a new demographic of eco-conscious diners with more adventurous palettes, we are on hand to help fill your larders with plenty of the richest-tasting and more flavorsome organic food supply the fair state of California has to offer.

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And what makes Hanford restaurant supply with Buffalo Market such a simple transition is the small number of steps involved. All you need to do is select what you need for your kitchen or restaurant stock within our inventory of more than 2,600 items – providing your business with some of the very best seafood, meat, poultry and fresh fruit and vegetables from California and across the globe – and then process your order. And that’s really all there is to it, with our technical team on hand to assist you at every step, ensuring your Hanford restaurant supply makes its way to your doorstep the very next day. As if it weren’t enough to give you sensational organic goods at unbeatable prices, we want to give you the kind of customer service you won’t find at any other grocery supplier in the country.  


Better yet, we don’t just deliver to Hanford, as our next-day delivery operates within a countless number of locations and destinations across California and the US, especially in the surrounding areas of Hanford such San Francisco, Venice, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and a whole host of others too lengthy to list here in entirety. What makes these locations special as well is that they house the independent farming communities we rely on to supply us year-round with their outstanding quality of fresh, natural ingredients, which make your order of Hanford restaurant supply possible. Simply put, our mission is to support local economy in California by utilizing local producers to give our customers the best, freshest fruits and vegetables around.

Hanford Restaurant Wholesale

Buffalo Market has worked hard to enjoy its reputation as a trusted and well-regarded provider of organic grocery delivery and restaurant wholesale supplies in the US, thanks to our unbeatable combination of quality ingredients that are beyond reproach and the wholesale prices for which we sell them. What makes Hanford restaurant wholesale so good when trading with Buffalo Market is that we offer many of our high-grade ingredients at remarkable prices, which comes courtesy of the long-standing relationships we nurture with the small-scale independent farmers from whom we take supply. The primary benefit of these relationships is that we are given the very best organic produce at the fairest prices, making your purchase of Hanford restaurant supply a winning combination of quality and cost-effectiveness.


If there’s one thing we dislike at Buffalo Market as much as artificial flavors and preservatives in our food, then it’s middlemen. We trade directly with our suppliers, meaning that every cent of your purchase of restaurant supply and organic groceries will go straight back to the farmer. In return, we are able to give you succulently fresh and intensely flavorsome ingredients the moment they come into season, allowing you to revitalize your menu with a higher standard of farm-fresh produce at the moment it’s at its most ripe, crisp, tender, and colorful. If you want a new, reliable supplier for your Hanford restaurant supply, Buffalo Market really is the best choice out there as we bulk-buy premium-grade goods and then pass the savings of that purchase onto you. We want to revolutionize the food supply chain with organic produce that not only tastes better, but is better for the planet. And what’s not to love?

What is Hanford famous for?

Following the town’s incorporation in the early 1890s, it grew into a bustling, increasingly sophisticated community as governed by a Board of Trustees, with schools and churches soon erected and even joined by the presence of an opera house. The town enjoyed some recognition as the only opera house between Los Angeles and San Francisco for many years, with construction of an assembly hall for the town commencing in 1923. Completed in the following year, it is still standing to this day, with its main auditorium frequently utilized by local organizations and community groups from within the town and nearby surrounding areas.

 vintage photo of Hanford main street in California

The 1940s saw the town’s first fire department, in 1945, and the establishment of the City Planning Commission to organize the town’s living spaces as it continued to expand in population. Five years later, in 1950, Hanford ushered in its first form of city council government, with the inception of other official advisory bodies brought on to structure the growing town’s policies and laws.  

Hanford food supply

Buffalo Market is your virtual farmers’ market, with every item in our inventory sourced from small-scale, local producers, providing unimpeachable food supply services in Hanford and all across the US. With a focus to serve restaurants, grocery stores, ghost kitchens and other hospitality businesses, all of our food supply orders arrive at Buffalo Market in the early hours of each morning and we quickly assemble your orders and deliver to your door within a few hours. Our next-day delivery provides to destinations all over the country and is a masterclass in simplicity, efficiency, and a guarantee for freshness with minimal time spent by food sitting in storage facilities and refrigerated warehouses.


We know it can be hard to find time to seek out the very best organic groceries and food supply, especially for those of us who live outside of the big cities and don’t always have access to high-quality farmer’s produce. But this is precisely where Buffalo Market steps in, as we want you to enjoy a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle with organic food supply that won’t cost the earth. With a commitment to reducing our carbon footprint with the use of a farm to fork delivery model, we employ only the most skilled delivery drivers to ensure your order of Hanford food supply will reach your door as fresh as can be and on schedule.


Beyond our usual supplies of everyday items, such as lettuce, citrus fruits, bell peppers, bananas and oranges, our Hanford food supply services also give you an expansive choice of harder-to-source goods such as celery, olives, zucchini, and many other fruits and vegetables that don’t long stay in season. This means an order with Buffalo Market is likely to satisfy every taste and need, with our ever-expanding and constantly updated range of organic groceries and deliciously crisp, aromatic fruits and vegetables. If you wanted to know where you can take delivery of your next Buffalo Market food parcel, then be sure to take a look at our California Grocery Delivery locations and enjoy farm-fresh organic produce in your kitchen today.