Organic Grocery Delivery in Visalia, California

elevated landscape shot of Visalia as sunset descends on town

Headquartered in San Francisco, one of California’s great food hubs, Buffalo Market is the organic grocery delivery service that puts quality at the heart of everything it does. Delivering all across California, and nationwide, we provide next-day grocery delivery to Los Angeles, Burbank, Tulare Country, Porterville, Redwood City, and countless other locations. One of our delivery hotpots is the city of Visalia, located between Los Angeles and the small town of French Camp. Considered as the "Crown Jewel" of the San Joaquin Valley, Visalia opens to the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, while the city itself is well-loved for the hospitality of its residents, the vibrance of its community culture – bursting with top-tier restaurants, renowned live entertainment, and plenty of local art – and there are ample opportunities to enjoy locally sourced farm-fresh meals in many of the city’s roadside cafés.


At Buffalo Market, our mission is to connect food-lovers with the very best organic produce the state of California has to offer – and we want Visalia residents to get more top-tier organic groceries into their dining rooms and restaurant kitchens. No matter where you are in the US, we want everyone to enjoy market-quality wholesale groceries and restaurant food supply for the very best prices, and all with the convenience of next-day delivery.

Visalia Restaurant Supply

All our fresh groceries and produce comes direct from small-scale independent farmers across California, ensuring every order of perfectly ripe fruits and beautifully crisp vegetables represent the very best of organic farming in the nation’s vegetable garden: California. But we don’t just offer 100% natural ingredients for chefs at home, but we also provide the very best-quality restaurant supply for bistros, cafés, burger bars, seafood restaurants, and every other kind of eatery you could think of. All you need to do is select what you want from our expansive online inventory of more than 2,600 items – stocking some of the very best meat, poultry, seafood and organic groceries from California and the rest of the world – and then process your order. And it really is as simple as that, with our technical support team to offer you assistance at every step, giving you a standard of customer services as excellent as the organic restaurant supply we provide for your business.

landscape view of California mountains overlooking sunlit stream in Visalia

But we don’t just offer grocery delivery and restaurant supply in Visalia: our next-day delivery service extends to countless surrounding areas such as San Francisco, Venice, Sacramento, Santa Monica and too many others to list here. Another great thing about these locations is that they accommodate many of the farming communities which we use to supply our produce, being just one of the many reasons why our customers love Buffalo Market. Our mission is to support local economy while providing you with the very best groceries on time and above expectation.

Visalia Restaurant Wholesale

What makes Buffalo Market the number-one choice for restaurant wholesale in Visalia, and across the US in general, is the unbeatable prices we offer our customers. Giving you outstanding deals on fresh vegetables and high-grade ingredients, it is thanks to the close relationship we nurture with independent farmers across California that we can always enjoy the highest quality of California-grown organic produce. At Buffalo Market, we are as fond of middlemen as we are of preservatives and artificial flavors (which is to say, not one bit), so when you purchase restaurant wholesale from Buffalo Market, you can be safe in the knowledge that every cent of your purchase will be going straight back to the farmer.


It is because of the strength of our long-term working relationships with these local farmers that we are always made privy to the first supplies of beautifully flavorsome, intensely aromatic organic ingredients as soon as they are available for purchase. If you wanted to revolutionize your menu with organic ingredients and provide your customers with a higher standard of farm-fresh products, then it’s never been easier to enjoy low-cost, high-quality organic goods. Because every item of our restaurant wholesale supplies are sourced the moment they come into season, you can be sure to enjoy organic supplies that are as fresh upon arrival as they were the moment they were pulled out of the ground.

What is Visalia famous for?

forest road surrounded by enormous redwood trees

Settled in the swampy marshlands of Tulare County, encompassed by oak forest and streams leading into the famous Sierra Nevada, Visalia quickly became a thriving rural community following its establishment in the early 1850s. Toward the final years of the 19th century, Visalia had grown relatively slowly to a population exceeding little more than 3,000 people, and this figure would not really expand until the middle of the 20th century.


The 1960s saw the town’s largest rate of population growth, where its reputation as the “jewel of the valley” truly consolidated itself, and by 1970 the number of residents had ballooned to more than 27,000. Over half a century later, and Visalia represents the commercial and cultural hub of Tulare County with a population exceeding 125,000. What once began as a frontier society established by the side of a creek has now grown to a thriving rural community which marries the feel of a small town with all the needs and amenities of the big city.

Visalia food supply

Our focus at Buffalo Market is to provide food service to all residents of Visalia, and at the very best prices without compromising on quality. We know it isn’t always easy to seek out 100% fresh organic groceries in your area, as some smaller towns further off the beaten track may lack the infrastructure needed to bring in diverse supplies of uniquely organic supplies. It can be hard to know where to look, even, if you’re in the mood for better-tasting, higher-quality food supply for your household or business – and this is where Buffalo Market comes in. We are invested in the wellbeing of the planet as much as the physical wellbeing of our customers, so we strive to cut down on food miles, lower our carbon footprint with farm to fork food supply services, and all while helping you to enjoy a much healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Whatever it is that you need, from mushrooms to mustard, or bell peppers to paprika, Buffalo Market is the food-focused company that delivers.


Not only that, but we believe all Californians should benefit from the fact that 90% of all fruits and vegetables grown in the US come from their home state. Why settle for bland-tasting oranges and floury apples when the very best of California can be delivered direct to your doorstep? What makes Visalia food supply possible with Buffalo Market is the quality of delivery driver we employ, as only the very best are put on our payroll. This means that your next-day order really will be there the next day, with the ins and outs of Visalia covered by our drivers who know your city like the backs of their hands.


Beside our regular intake of goods, such as everyday apples, bananas, oranges, limes and celery, our Visalia food supply also gives you harder-to-find seasonal products, like artichokes, asparagus, cherries, citrus fruits, and a whole host of other less common delicacies. When you order with Buffalo Market, you’re unlikely to miss out on what you want. If you want to know where else we deliver – and the list is just about endless – then take a look at our California Grocery Delivery list and discover where we can take your order of farm-fresh fruit and vegetables.