Local Honey

Local Honey

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The Bay Area Bee Company makes local honey and happy bees. They have hives all over the Bay Area and make small local batches. 

Their honey tastes like the place it's from and our bees are a vital part of our shared ecosystem, without these bees in particular many of our farmers and wild flowers couldn't exist.

Aside from supporting our local farmers with these pollinators and great taste, one more thing we particularly like is the wide mouth on the jar. Enjoy!

Review by Caroline from Mountain View

This honey is wonderful. Very rich but not overly powerful. The sweet taste lingers in the back of your throat for a bit like a good wine.
I didn’t realize how much better this pure unpasteurized honey from Bay Area Bee Company tastes!
I also love how this supports our local beekeepers. Having these small local bee businesses is important to the local environment for pollination, instead of factory hives. This type of raw, pure honey, unlike processed ones, retains its beneficial nutrients which have great antibacterial properties and support the immune system. I love adding a teaspoon of honey in my tea especially when my throat is sore. I also love adding it to my yogurt.
I’m a fan, a great buy!
Review by Brian from Richmond
I love using locally sourced products and this honey did not disappoint. Very sweet and delicious. I will certainly be back for more when I have used it up.

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