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Beef New York Strip Steak - 10 oz

0.62 lb

NY Strip steak is the tastiest steak.  There are few things you need to do to turn this steak into a masterpiece.  While it has many name, Kansas city steak, top loin, hotel-style steak, ambasador cut, and more, it takes little effort to cook this deliciously.  Simple grab this fine steak add high heat, simple seasoning, and plate for a winner.


We cut strip steaks from the short loin of the cow.  This is a a part of the cow that doesn't bare much wait and makes for a tender and succulent piece of meat. Nothing can be as tender as the tenderloin but if you're looking for a more flavorful cut this is your choice.  

The best New York strip should have plenty of marbling – beautiful white lines of fat within the meat, scattered about. Regardless of your cooking technique, this marbling melts becomes consistent in flavor as it melts into the popular cut.