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Beef Prime Ribeye Roast - 5 lbs

5.0 lb
$97.99 $145.99

Prime Rib! These roasts are being cut into large bone-in roasts. 

What does it take to be USDA Prime grade prime rib?  Fewer than 4% of all beef in the United States meet the ample marbling requirements to earn this designation. To source these roasts, Land & Farm works with ranchers who care for their beef, need temperate weather, abundant feed, to create the prime rib with a rich flavor and tenderness.  Our butcher hand selects our USDA Prime and cuts these roasts to exacting specifications.  

Steakhouses and many high end restaurants have had little demand this year and making the opportunity to enjoy a rib roast at home an exceptional value.  

The Prime Rib, or Standing Rib Roast, is the king of the roast.  While often reserved for special occasions, rib roast are quite easy to prepare and make for a joyful meal whether it is a special event or just a good time of the year to enjoy a nice piece of meat.

Normally in December these would go for $210.00