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Don Miguel, Burrito Chicken & Cheese but No Bean

0.44 lb
$1.99 $2.59

Shredded chicken, green chiles and 3 cheeses (American, Cheddar & Monterey Jack) hand-wrapped in a hand-stretched flour tortilla.

 Real Mexican Flavor. Ready To Serve.
• Made with premium meats, Mexican spices and real cheeses
• Freshly-made, hand-stretched tortillas made daily
• Folded by hand
• Perfect for grab-n-go case
• Great for lunch, dinner or late night snack


Don Miguel, Burrito Chicken & Cheese but No Bean

In 1906, Sonoran immigrant Alejandro Morales began selling his wife’s homemade tamales on the streets of Anaheim, California from a horse-drawn wagon. Although he was a ditch digger by trade, he had a passion for bringing authentic Mexican food to everyone in America. This vision quickly grew from on-the-go street food to a sit-down restaurant, a tamale factory and now the Don Miguel Brand, which honors his commitment and love for serving up real, handmade food today.