Butcher of the Month - June Meat Club

Butcher of the Month - June Meat Club

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Get our monthly choice from our butcher, who selects your meats from the most exceptional farm-to-table ranchers packed with impeccable flavor. These meats selected from Farm and Land, who is a leading purveyor of cuts to top restaurants.

Each box comes with 26.5 lbs of Meat.

For June you will receive:

1x5lbs Chicken Whole Wings
2x1lb Turkey Bacon Sliced Bulk
5x1 lb Beef Ground Chuck
3.5-4.5 lbs Turkey Breast Boneless Netted BRT 
10x1lb Ground Chicken Light & Dark Meat


  • Free-range, organic, and pasture-raised
  • Humanely raised with high ethical standards, happy cows taste better.
  • Hormone and additive free.

Pastured Chicken: 

  • Free-range, organic, and pasture-raised
  • Certified humane: the chickens have access to the outdoors and room to move around and interact with each other naturally
  • Air-chilled


  • Antibiotic-free and no added hormones
  • Heritage breed (Duroc, Berkshire, and Red Wattle): do not have flavor bred out of them, which is typically done to promote rapid weight gain 

When we sent the first box to a regular Buffalo Market customer we got this email: 

"The chicken, pork, and beef, were considerably juicier and more tender than the average cuts I get from the supermarket, and they were all delicious." ~Omar A 

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