Cabbage Red Conventional

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Fresh Red Cabbage

Red cabbage is distinguished by its coloring, texture and flavor. Like Green cabbage it is rounded and wrapped in tightly wound waxy leaves. The leaves are more violet and burgundian versus true red. Their flavor is far more bold, cruciferous and peppery versus green cabbage, which is also due to the anthocyanin pigments. Red cabbage lacks water weight, which makes its leaves chewier and coarser than Chinese cabbage varieties.

Low in calories, full of fiber and valuable anti-cancer compounds. The presence of anthocyanin is responsible for the color of red cabbage. Depending on the acidity of the soil, this pigment can be red, purple or blue. The more acidic the soil, the redder the shade of the leaves. This type of cabbage contains the most antioxidants. Satisfies 85% of your daily vitamin C requirement. Red cabbage has more vitamin C than oranges, for example. 

It is used in preparations both raw and cooked. It is often pickled fresh and made into sauerkraut. Perfect in the company of citrus, nuts, garlic, shelling beans, farro, sausages, mushrooms, ginger, fennel, shallots and light-bodied vinegars.


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