Cabbage Savoy

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Organic Cabbage Savoy

Savoy cabbage is a large and dense, loose-headed green that is round to ovate in shape. Distinguished by its heavily textured, crinkled leaves, Savoy cabbage has ruffled edges with deep ridges spanning across the surface of the leaves. The outer leaves are the toughest as they protect the plant from the elements and are crunchy, firm, and heavily veined with dark green to light green coloring. The inner leaves lack exposure to sunlight and as a result are more tender, crisp, and delicate with pale green, yellow, to white hues. Savoy cabbage is crunchy with a slight elastic consistency and is mild, earthy, and sweet with subtle musky undertones.

Cabbage itself is a healthy and low-calorie vegetable. But the savoy variety is especially rich in nitrogenous compounds, vitamins and mineral salts.

Savoy cabbage is perfect for both raw and cooked applications such as roasting, braising, steaming, boiling, baking, and stir-frying. It can be used raw in salads or cooked in soups or stews.

Chefs suggest that cabbage Savoy is perfectly combined with red wine, cumin, juniper fruit, apples, sage, onions, smoked meat, sour cream, but also horseradish.

Known as the queen of cabbage, it is an international culinary hit, the history of which is not much more than 500 years old. Savoy cabbage was probably born on the border of today's Italy, France and Switzerland, in the Alpine region of Savoy, from which the English name is derived from "Savoy cabbage"

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