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Calfresh Organic Produce Box

Type: amazing produce

Organic produce shouldn't be limited to privileged few.  Buffalo Market gets the best organic produce from local suppliers; everyday we're proving local can mean affordable not less.  That's why we created this organic grocery box for Californians.

This box comes with fresh fruit and/or vegetables and includes extra support from us at Buffalo Market

We recognize that the current food system does not provide equal access to healthy foods. Many communities lack access to healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables due to unavailability, high cost, and poor quality. We strive to create an equitable food system by directing resources toward those who have been denied access to healthy, fresh, culturally relevant foods.

One of the most difficult aspects of living on a low income is that eating healthfully is often out of reach. Healthy foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, are simply more expensive than pre-packaged and processed foods, and when you are on a shoestring budget, you usually have to buy the cheaper items just to stay afloat.

Low income families, elder, and disabled should not have to choose between having enough food to eat and eating healthy foods. We need programs like this everywhere, and pronto.

This is a lot of veggies, enough for a family of four for a week.

We ask people to self prioritize their needs and becomes sometimes people exceed their food programs, we do not limit this to Calfresh programs, nor do we ask people to verify any documents.