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Cazzetti Bronze Dyed

1.1 lb
$3.99 $6.99

Our premium pasta is imported from Italy, and made from organic, durum wheat semolina with no additives. The noodles are slowly dried at a low temperature to ensure a firm shape when cooking. Low fat, sodium-free, and a great source of protein, any variety can be served with products found in your pantry, including pasta sauce and other foods. Each cut is shaped in a specific and creative way to adapt to diverse sauces and textures. Use our delicious, high-quality pasta to create a flavorful dish your friends and family will love!

Giusto Sapore Short Cut Pasta

Our short cut pasta is the ideal addition to any soup, salad, or saucy dish. The shorter length, but thicker width helps to capture the flavor and ensure delicious coverage in every bite. Use smooth-edged pasta with thick or chunky sauce, and use ridged pasta with thinner sauce. Each of these fanciful shapes is a delicious complement to your next culinary creation.

Size: 17.6 oz