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Organic Cilantro

Have you ever tried green cilantro?

It is quite a popular herb that at first glance looks like parsley leaves. It is enough to smell its leaves to move to oriental corners of the world. In these very delicate leaves, cilantro hides an extremely intense aroma and flavor. 

Cilantro leaves smell as intense as a good perfume. It is a herb with a refreshing citrus aroma and flavor, without which we cannot imagine the taste of many dishes.

Often used raw, and in cooked dishes, fresh cilantro is usually added shortly before serving. All this to preserve its aroma. It is perfect for dressings, salsas, dips, and humus. Cilantro also goes well with black bean, lentil and chickpeas dishes. There is no good burrito or curry without cilantro.

It can be added to smoothies or juices, but you have to be moderate so that it does not dominate the taste.

They are eagerly used in Mexican, South Asian, Chinese and Thai cuisines.

Did you know that archaeologists found traces (most likely seeds) of cilantro in Tutankhamen's tomb? !!

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