Dandelion Red
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Dandelion Red

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Organic Green Dandelion 

Red Dandelion greens have jagged-cut leaves with a reddish-maroon rib running through its center. The leaves of the Red Dandelion greens are a deeper green than that of true Dandelion greens. They grow in larger more upright bunches and are less prone to bolting. They offer a bitter flavor with a robust peppery finish, very similar to other varieties of chicory.

Red Dandelion greens are not in fact dandelions at all, rather, they are members of the Chicory family. Botanically classified as Cichorium intybus, these bitter greens are more widely known as Italian Dandelion. The word dandelion translates to ‘tooth of the lion’ in French, so it is no wonder that these jagged leafed greens have been confused.


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