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ORGANIC Ginger Fresh - 1 lb

1.0 lb
$4.49 $5.99

Ginger has many health benefits, great taste and intense aroma. It can be added to many dishes, desserts and cocktails. It is effective against colds, heals a sore throat, refreshes breath and supports weight loss. So let's include it in your daily menu!

Ginger is a knobby, multiple branched rhizome found in many different shapes and sizes. The peel of the ginger is beige-gray, but in cross-section the plant is pale yellow in color. It has a distinctive spicy flavor and a strong spicy aroma. Ginger is mainly grown in China, Japan and India.

Ginger can be utilized in both raw and cooked applications and is most often used as a spice or herb in fresh, dried, ground, pickled, or powdered form. Ginger can also be used in soups, curries, roasts, and stews, baked into cookies, bread, and muffins, or used to flavor meats, gravies, and vegetable dishes.

A good pair for ginger is beef, pork, fish, carrots, Brussel sprouts, spinach, lentils, chickpeas, cranberries, and chocolate.

Store fresh ginger in a cool place. To extend the life of ginger, wrap it in a paper towel and put it in a plastic bag and then in the refrigerator - this way it will stay fresh for up to several weeks.

Size : 1lb

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Fresh ginger


Yvonne A.
United States United States

Very high quality organic fresh ginger

Great quality fresh ginger, perfect for ginger, garlic paste for Indian food.

Sandra C.
United States United States

Not there...

Was not included in the delivery

Lisa H.
United States United States

Fresh Fresh Fresh

It looks super fresh and u get a lot of it. Very good value.

Traci D.
United States United States