Lettuce Leaf Green

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Case of Organic and fresh Green Lettuce Leafs. 

Let's not spare the lettuce. People who eat a lot of green leafy vegetables get sick less often, are thin and have a nice complexion. Lettuce is healthy and very tasty. You can eat it alone and with additives. 

Green Leaf lettuce is medium to large in size, growing in an elongated shape, and is narrow and small at the base fanning out to a wide, curly, loose top. It has a delicate, slightly nutty flavor and will last up to a week in the refrigerator.

Green Leaf lettuce pairs well with herbs such as basil, mint, lemon, honey, tomatoes, eggs, bacon, pork, fish and a classic vinaigrette of olive oil, dried herbs, and cider vinegar.

The most famous and popular dish with green leaf lettuce is the Caesar salad. Served with pieces of roast chicken and accompanied by cheese, it can also be a full lunch.

Lettuce is low in calories and is a source of vitamins and minerals valuable for health. This lettuce is rich in beta-carotene, vitamin K, folate, vitamin C, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. It also contains a significant amount of calcium, iron, potassium, copper and phosphorus. Additionally, it is easily digestible.

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