Lime Conventional

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Conventional Lime

The obligatory mojito ingredient that captivates the senses with its citrus aroma and refreshing taste. Lime is becoming more and more popular and is slowly starting to compete with lemon. This tropical fruit is a great addition to food and drinks. 

Thanks to lime, we can cleanse the body, lose weight, calm the nerves and take away a few years !

Juicy green limes are indispensable citrus fruit, offering a bright acidity to liven up tacos, soups, or any earthy, nutty grain salad.

Mix 'em into your salsa or guacamole for extra zest and flavor. Limes contain citric acid giving them zip and tangy taste.  

Start your day with vitamin c from fresh squeezed lime juice in some water or finish your day with a lime beverage!

The best limes have a thin, shiny skin, are firm and juicy. Their color should be light or intense green.

It is best to choose limes from organic farming.

Good quality fruit is ideal for preparing a cleansing drink that improves metabolism. To prepare it, just squeeze half a lime into a glass of water. The aromatic mixture can be seasoned with a little honey and ginger. 

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