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Nut Assortment Torrone Bars - Various Flavors

0.22 lb
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Our artisanal torrone beautifully blends enticing textures and flavors for an intricate mosaic of confectionery heaven. Traditional clusters of toasted nuts give a satisfying crunch to this soft nougat. Made with premium almonds, silken honey, and farm-fresh egg whites for a sweet indulgence. Each handmade batch is

skillfully laid out, topped, and cut with care.

This all-natural candy is perfect for an after-dinner dessert or celebratory treat.


The best holiday gift for any candy or soft nougat fans! It is a symbol of the Italian Christmas season. When you see these bars, you will understand our passion for nougat, food of the Gods! Tradicional Italian soft nougat, or torrone, is an amazing confection based on egg whites, whipped frothy, with a touch of honey and chocked full of roasted nuts.

  • FAMILY MADE: Premium gourmet torrone brand that is imported and made in Italy.
  • FLAVOR: 5 bars- 1 each of Pistachio, Chocolate Hazelnut, Hazelnut, Strawberry & Tropical Fruit
  • INGREDIENTS: Starting with a soft nougat base, the candy is packed with sweet dried fruits, nuts & premium chocolate
  • TYPES: Gluten free and 20 different varieties, Italian Torrone is definitely splurge-worthy.
  • USE: Treat yourself to the finest candy bar you will ever enjoy.

Size: 3.5 oz