Onion White Jumbo

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Organic and fresh White Onion Jumbo. 

These are usually the most mild of the onion varieties, so we like to use white onions in salads and on sandwiches. Basically, if you’re going to eat an onion raw, the white onion is what you want to reach for. And while they're pretty mild on their own, you can further tame their flame by slicing one thinly and giving it an hour-long soak in cold water—they'll be so sweet, you can practically eat them like a salad.

White onion is also known under the name - garlic onion - because its taste and aroma have a hint of garlic aroma.

White onions are best suited for both raw and cooked applications such as roasting, grilling, sautéing, and frying. White onions pair well with tomatoes, jalapenos, carrots, parsnips, fennel, herbs such as bay leaves, tarragon, rosemary, marjoram, cilantro, and thyme, meats such as poultry, beef, and pork. 

White onions contain vitamin C, fiber, potassium, calcium, and iron.

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