Orange Valencia

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Organic Orange Valencia

The fabled history of the Valencia started in the early 1800s in today's Santa Ana, California as a hybrid orange that was cultivated by a former fur trapper from Kentucky. Who knew? Since that time it's been improved to become the sweet, juicing-friendly, delicious orange that it is today. 

Before spring comes, citrus provides us with a solid dose of vitamin C, strengthens immunity and has a positive effect on the condition of the skin. That is why we recommend eating oranges all year round, especially as they are perfect both sweet and salty. We can successfully add them to the morning oatmeal, to the salad which we will put in a lunch box, or decorate a chocolate cake with them. What's more, we can eat them with impunity because they are low in calories.

Each of our oranges is generally 10 to 13 ounces. 

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