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ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1.06 lb


Founded in 1810 in Northern Italy, Oleificio Zucchi was born from a family’s desire to create a pure, uncompromising oil. What started as a small family seed oil business has become one of the world’s top extra virgin olive oil producers, maintaining the same passion for the high-quality products we set out to create over two centuries ago.

Zucchi’s Italian and European blended extra virgin olive oils were the first oils to earn certified sustainable status from CSQA, a global leader in food certifications focused on setting a new standard in sustainable and organic food products. It’s all part of our mission to create a great-tasting, healthy extra virgin olive oil while remaining respectful of the environ- ment, our health, our workers, and our communities.


Zucchi organic extra virgin olive oil is made only from organically farmed olives: the trees are grown in an absolutely natural way, using the organic growing method, in which no pesticides, chemical fertilisers or weed-killers are used.

Idea for dressing mixed salads containing fresh fruit and nuts, it is also delicious with boiled or steamed foods, freshwater fish and baby foods.

Made from organically-farmed European olives harvested by hand-selected growers committed to quality.

FLAVOR: Ripe fruit


PAIRING: Drizzle it over your favorite salads, grilled fish or steamed vegetables and experience this oil’s well-rounded flavor with notes of ripe fruit.

Size: 17 fl oz