Plum Red

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Organic Red Plum

Plums are a delicious seasonal fruit. We should not complain about their availability and the choice of many varieties.

Plums can be used as an addition to cakes and desserts. The taste of most varieties is usually sweet, pleasant, although there are also opposites with a sour aftertaste. The skin may be purple, red, yellow, navy blue with a characteristic coating. The shape of the fruit is usually round or elongated, oval. All types of plums have similar nutritional values. They are great for making jams and preserves.

The skin of this plum is dark purple. The flesh is juicy, firm, slightly tart. In ripe fruit, it separates well from the stone.

Plums are a versatile culinary ingredient with possible uses centuries old. They can be used for fresh eating, preserved using various methods, including pickling and of course, they can be dried to prune form.

Thanks to its taste and dietary qualities, plums should be consumed in large quantities by everyone.

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