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ORGANIC Provolone Cheese

0.5 lb

Made exclusively from Organic Valley Grassmilk, Grassmilk Cheese is a semi-hard white cheddar with flower petal top-notes and a complex, buttery finish that’s bold enough to stand up to horseradish, yet mild enough to pair with a Chardonnay. 

Beginning with unpasteurized milk from grassfed cows, our Grassmilk Raw Cheddar is aged a minimum of 60 days to develop its flavors. This is usually a white cheese, but its color can change with the seasons, as the cows graze on different plants throughout the year.


Organic Cultured Unpasteurized Milk, Sea Salt, Vegetarian Enzymes.

USDA OrganicOrganic is always non GMO


Size: 8 oz or case (12x8 oz)