Peach White

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Organic White Peach 

White peaches are small to medium-sized stone fruits, averaging 6 to 10 centimeters in diameter, and generally have a round, oval, to ovate shape, depending on the variety. The fruit’s skin is semi-thin, taut, and easily bruised, displaying an ivory base coloring covered in red and pink blush and a layer of velvety fuzz. Underneath the surface, the flesh is soft, tender, and aqueous, encasing a central, light brown pit that can either be a freestone, easily separated from the flesh or a clingstone, tightly adhered into the flesh. The flesh also bears white hues and may showcase splashes of red around the pit or just under the skin. White peaches emit an aromatic floral scent when ripe and will give slightly under pressure. The flesh contains low acidity, contributing to a mild, sweet, and subtly floral flavor.

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