Penne pasta

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Non-GMO, soy free and kosher product 

Penne pasta is one of the most popular pasta on the market. It is a typical pasta dish of Italian cuisine. It has the shape of short tubes that have been cut diagonally.

Penne pasta is an excellent ingredient in dishes with the addition of pesto. Both the inside of the tubes and the grooves can hide a lot of pesto or other sauce. Pasta with aromatic, expressive pesto is delicious without any additives, but it is also a great base for more complex dishes - also casseroles and salads.

Perfect for soups and stews. Two varieties of penne (notched or smooth) allow you to fully match the pasta to the character of the dish. Find out how it can be used in the kitchen.

Penne pasta DelSur on a plate with tomatoes, cheese and spinach, garnished with a basil leaf

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