Pepper Green Bell Conventional

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Pepper Green Bell 

Bell Pepper Are The Healthy Reset You Need

Sweet, juicy, and crunchy. Bell peppers have no heat, so they are used like a vegetable in a wide array of recipes and cuisines Cajun dishes, for example, famously use them in a mirepoix base. You can enjoy them raw, too, cutting them into strips for dipping into hummus or dressing. Harvested when the peppers are on the less mature side to maintain that tangy peppery flavor without being too sweet, these Green Bells are delicious on the grill, flash-fried in a fajita mix, or sliced raw into a salad.

Nutrition Facts Worth Exploring

Green bell pepper is the least caloric of all colored varieties, therefore it is especially recommended for people on a diet. It regulates the metabolism, provides many valuable mineral salts, vitamins and flavonoids that fight free radicals. One of its main advantages is also that it prevents cardiovascular diseases. Make sure to add it to your every day balanced diet


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