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ORGANIC Vegan Rice Pudding Mango Passion Fruit

0.22 lb
$2.99 $3.99

We were thrilled to find out about Petit Pot’s latest addition to its VEGAN rice pudding: Mango Passion Fruit Organic Rice Pudding. It is as tasty as you imagine.  Mixing mango and passion fruit is a classic tropical marriage.  Passion fruit has an intense fresh, sweet yet slightly tart taste and this balanced perfectly with the creaminess of the rice pudding and mango, très chic.

It is truly phenomenal.  

Ingredients: organic coconut milk base, the treat is accented with fresh mango, passion fruit, and a rich coconut flavor.

As with Petit Pot’s other rice puddings, this dessert uses a simple list of the best ingredients to create amazing flavor, as noted in a company press release. This new offering, like other Petit Pot products, is clean label, USDA Organic, and Kosher.

Size: 3.5 oz