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Organic Pineapple

The sun on the plate - PINEAPPLE !

Exotic pineapple is associated with a blue sky, sandy beach and azure water.

The sweet and sour, yellow fruit is a source of minerals and vitamins, it also contains bromelain - a group of enzymes with unique healing properties. Pineapple helps to get rid of extra pounds. It is also said that this fruit is a great aphrodisiac.

What other secrets does pineapple hide?

Pineapples have the shape of a pinecone, and can reach up to 30 centimeters in length. They have a rough, waxy, hexagonal-patterned rind that is covered in small, soft spikes and topped with a compact grouping of narrow, green, pointed-tipped leaves that extend upright. The rind can range in color from green to yellow or reddish-orange when ripe. The flesh varies in shades of white or yellow, depending on the variety, and modern cultivated varieties are known to be seedless.

The loosely fibrous and juicy flesh offers a sweet flavor with mild acidity, while the edible core is firmer, more leathery, and less sweet.

Fresh pineapple has the most health benefits, so if possible, use its benefits! The idea! - Pineapple carpaccio - delicious! Fresh pineapple can be found in fruit salads, baked goods and various desserts.

Fresh pineapple is a great addition to roasted meats, it can be baked alone or baked with cheese as a side dish. It is an ingredient of one of the most popular pizza - Hawaiian, and in Asian cuisine it is an addition to many sauces. Pineapple is the basis of the famous sweet and sour sauce. The fruit can also be candied, processed into jam and preserves. Pineapple is an ingredient of drinks, especially the well-known piña colada. Not only alcoholic drinks love this fruit, we recommend a delicious exotic pineapple smoothie!



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