Pork Shoulder Butt Bone In

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Undoubtedly, the nutritional value of pork makes it valuable for our health. Pork meat is a source of wholesome protein and all essential amino acids.

Pork is a very tasty and popular meat. Despite its high calorific value, it is an ingredient of many different dishes and deli meats. It is suitable for cooking, frying, stewing and baking. The most delicious meat is from pieces weighing about 100 kg, with a light pink color and white, firm fat. Pork producers ensure that the meat reaching our stores is of high quality and low in fat. 

Pork shoulder has a wide culinary use. It is suitable for baking and is an excellent product for stews.

Marinated and crispy or soft and delicate in a thick gravy - pork shoulder, the heroine of many meat dishes! We offer not only traditional recipes with marinated, roasted, steamed pork shoulder, or recipes for shoulder blade patties, home roast, but also recipes for dishes that break the tastes. For example, try a pork shoulder with pineapple, cloves and honey - doesn't it sound delicious and original?

Pork is a meat with high energy value. It is a source of wholesome protein, containing all the necessary amino acids. It also provides vitamins: B6, B12, PP, A and D and easily absorbed by our body iron.

Always serve the meat well done, baked or boiled !!

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