Radish Red

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Fresh and organic Radish Red 

A small vegetable with a great taste!

Radishes are very popular for their distinctive, slightly spicy and fresh taste.

The Red radish is grown mainly for its root; a small, scarlet globe with a crisp and peppery, translucent, white flesh. Their roots range in diameter from one to three inches. The radish produces green leaves that grow from the root above ground, which are also edible. They have the texture of watercress and a bit of its flavor, but with a great mustardy bite as well.

Crunchy radish is most often eaten raw as an addition to sandwiches and salads, giving it a slightly bitter, spicier flavor. In the kitchen, radish also works great as an addition to yogurt and cottage cheese. They can be roasted, braised, grilled or pickled.

It goes well with butter, cream sauces, fresh herbs, lemon, onions and shellfish. 

Interesting fact

Radish was bred 2,000 years ago by farmers from ancient Egypt. Initially, it was consumed to improve eyesight, digestion and increase intellect.


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